The Secret War: The Complete Original 1977 Series DVD


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The Secret War: The Complete Original 1977 Series DVD

During the six long years of World War 2, behind the fighting forces, there was another war… a secret war… fought by scientists and engineers.

Produced by the BBC in conjunction with the Imperial War Museum ‘The Secret War’ lifts the veil of secrecy on the crucial role science and intelligence played behind the lines in winning World War 2. Presented by William Woollard (Top Gear, Tomorrow’s World) and largely based on the book ‘Most Secret War’ by Reginald Victor Jones (key consultant and interviewee of the series) it first aired in 1977 to critical acclaim.

This insightful and revealing documentary series covers the rivalry of the British and the Germans as they struggled to create a winning edge with innovations from radio navigation to naval mines and missiles. Each technology is investigated in thorough scientific detail. Yet throughout, it is the triumph of the human spirit that sets this series apart. The focus is on the science, but the heroism of the everyday individual fighting against the odds through those terrible times shines through.

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