The Scotland Yard Mystery DVD


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The Scotland Yard Mystery DVD

Thriller. Black & White. Year: 1934. Running time approx. 71 min.

Director: Thomas Bentley. Stars: Gerald Du Maurier, George Curzon, Grete Natzler, Belle Chrystall, Leslie Perrins, Walter Patch and Henry Victor.

Special Features:  Image Gallery.

A classic thriller with a brilliantly macabre twist, The Scotland Yard Mystery is the story of the battle between a resourceful detective and a skilful, sinister swindler. Sexton Blake star George Curzon plays a doctor who uses his unique medical knowledge to mastermind a lucrative life-insurance scam: claiming life insurance by injecting victims with a life suspending serum turning them into living dead. In a rare film role, legendary actor Gerald du Maurier stars as the Metropolitan Police Commissioner who sets out to uncover the secret of five empty coffins and catch the villainous swine responsible for such depravities. Du Maurier plays his part with relish, making the most of lines such as: “My dear fellow, how can you get the truth out of the average criminal when before you question him you have to as good as warn him not to say he’s guilty?” Based on a play by Wallace Geoffrey, it was made by British International Pictures, at their Welwyn Studios.

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