The Return of the Soldier DVD


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The Return of the Soldier DVD

Drama.  No of discs: 1.  Year: 1982.  Colour.  Running Time: approx 98 mins.

Director: Alan Bridges.

Cast: Alan Bates, Ian Holm, Julie Christie, Glenda Jackson, Ann-Margret, Frank Finlay, Jeremy Kemp, Hilary Mason and John Sharp.

The horrors of World War I have robbed returning veteran Chris Baldry (Alan Bates) of his memory. The traumatized soldier doesn’t recognize his wife, Kitty (Julie Christie), remember their years together or the death of their child. While Baldry attempts to cope with the unfamiliar surroundings of his own home, he finds solace in the company of an old flame, Margaret Grey (Glenda Jackson). His amnesia makes him a target for the affections of his cousin, Jenny (Ann-Margret). His wife, Kitty, wants him to be cured, to return to the authoritative pre-war man she married. Doctor Anderson is less keen to cure the Captain, noting how happy he is. To return him to the present, the horrors of the war and the memory of a son he lost to illness, would be cruel, but should he be left in his ignorant, childlike state?

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