The Renown Pictures Vintage Transport In Film Collection Volume One


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The Renown Pictures Vintage Transport In Film Collection

A collection of 16 films on 4 DVDS featuring vintage transport.

The Flaw (1955) A racing driver plans to kill his wife and claim her life insurance money. When her lawyer uncovers the murder plot a fight breaks out between the two men which has tragic consequences. Director: Terence Fisher. Cast: John Bentley, Donald Houston, Rona Anderson, Tonia Bern, Doris Yorke, J. Trevor Davies, Cecilia Cavendish.

Stock Car (1955) Katie Glebe’s father is killed in a stock car race and she subsequently endeavours to maintain his indebted garage business with the help of American racing driver Larry Duke. Director: Wolf Rilla. Cast: Paul Carpenter, Rona Anderson, Susan Shaw, Harry Fowler, Robert Rietty, Paul Whitsun-Jones, Sabrina.

Born of the Sea (1949) A baby is found in a boat at sea and taken in by a a small coastal community. Director: Anthony Mavrogordato. Cast: Dorothea Paul, Betty Williams, Georgie Carey, Alex Forman, Cedric Staples.

The Last Journey (1936) A railway driver approaching retirement who is driven mad with jealousy over his wife’s suspected affair. Director: Bernard Vorhaus. Cast: Godfrey Tearle, Hugh Williams, Judy Gunn, Mickey Brantford, Julien Mitchell, Olga Lindo, Michael Hogan.

Danger Lights (1930) The boss of a railroad yard takes a young drifter under his wing, only for the boy to fall in love with his fiancé. Director: George B. Seitz. Cast: Louis Wolheim, Robert Armstrong, Jean Arthur, Hugh Herbert, Frank Sheridan, Robert Edeson, Alan Roscoe, William P. Burt, James Farley.

The Shipbuilders (1943) takes place in a Glasgow shipyard where employees are called into action to build ships for the navy when war breaks out once again. Directed by John Baxter. Cast: Clive Brook, Morland Graham, Nell Ballantyne, Finlay Currie, Maudie Edwards, Geoffrey Hibbert, Allan Jeayes, Moira Lister.

Minesweeper (1943) US Navy deserter Lieutenant Richard Houston (Richard Arlen) re-enlists under the alias Jim Smith and is assigned to duty aboard a minesweeper charged with keeping the waterways clear. Throughout the numerous dangerous missions that follow, he lives with the added constant fear that his true identity will be discovered. Directed by William Berke. Cast: Richard Arlen, Jean Parker, Russell Hayden, Guinn “Big Boy” Williams, EmmaDunn, Charles D. Brown, Frank Fenton, Chick Chandler, Douglas Fowley, Billy Nelson, Grant Withers.

Bush Pilot (1947) Red North is a bush pilot in the village of Nouvelle, part of Canada’s north. His half-brother, Paul Gerard decides to relocate his bush pilot business to the same lake, competing with Red’s business and romantic interests. Directed by Sterling Campbell and Larry Cromien (aerial sequences). Cast: Rochelle Hudson, Jack La Rue, Austin Willis, Florence Kennedy, Frank Perry, Joseph Carr, Gordon Adam, Louise Campbell, Charles Emerson, Gerald Rowan, James Peddie, Denis Murphy, Michael Lambert, Robert Christie, Eric Clavering, Nancy Graham, Alene Kamis.

The Black Rider (1954) A young reporter Jerry Marsh (Jimmy Hanley) and his boss’s daughter, Mary Plack (Rona Anderson), investigate the mystery of a ghostly monk and, in the process, find a gang of criminals using a decrepit castle as a base where they are plotting to cause destruction of an atomic proportion. Directed by Wolf Rilla. Cast: Jimmy Hanley, Rona Anderson, Leslie Dwyer, Lionel Jeffries, Beatrice Varley, Michael Golden, Valerie Hanson, Vincent Ball, Edwin Richfield, Kenneth Connor, Robert Rietti, James Raglan, Frank Atkinson, Edie Martin, Peter Swanwick.

Streamline Express (1935) When Elaine gives her crooked pal Gilbert Landon a diamond pendant given her by Bradley, in order to keep him quiet about her past, she pretends that the pendant was stolen, in hopes of hiding the truth from Bradley. Landon manages to throw suspicion on Jimmy Hart, who is masquerading as a steward. It takes confessions by several people to resolve everyone’s dilemmas.Directed by Leonard Fields. Cast: Victor Jory, Evelyn Venable, Esther Ralston, Erin O’Brien-Moore, Ralph Forbes, Sidney Blackmer, Vince Barnett, Clay Clement, Bobby Watson, Lee Moran, Syd Saylor, Libby Taylor, Edward Hearn, Allan Cavan, Wade Boteler, Harry Tyler, Tommy Bupp, Morgan Brown, Jack Raymond, C. Montague Shaw, Lynton Brent, John Ridgely, Theodore von Eltz.

Calling All Cars (1954) Features Spike Milligan voicing the thoughts of “Freddie”, an old taxicab featured in the film. The film is a mixture of semi-documentary about the port of Dover and a comedy about two young men who decide to chat up two girls and follow them to Dover in an old cab. Directed by Maclean Rogers. Cast:  Spike Milligan, Cardew Robinson, John Fitzgerald, Adrienne Scott, Pauline Olsen, Margot Bryant, Gloria Brett.

Night Ride (1937) Young truck driver Dick Benson and friend Alf Higgins set up their own haulage company with the financial backing of Tony Spinelli, an Italian restaurant owner. However, their former boss Arthur Wilson, concerned about the competition, uses underhand methods to try and sabotage the enterprise.Directed by John Paddy Carstairs. Cast: Julian Vedey, Wally Patch, Jimmy Hanley, Joan Ponsford, Frank Petley, Elizabeth Kent, Kenneth Buckley, Clelia Matania.

River Beat (1954) Judy Roberts is a young radio operator on board a freighter. Unknowingly used as part of a diamond-smuggling plot, she attracts the attention of Detective Inspector Dan Barker, who develops romantic feelings towards her while investigating the case. When he realises her innocence he hopes her position as a dupe will lead him to the real culprits.Directed by Guy Green. John Bentley, Phyllis Kirk, Leonard White, Glyn Houston, Patrick Jordan, Robert Ayres, Ewan Roberts, David Hurst, Charles Lloyd-Pack, Isabel George, Margaret Anderson, Harold Ayer, Tony Hilton, Colin Douglas, Bill Nagy, Michael Browning, Michael Balfour, Peter Collingwood.

There Is Another Sun (1951) A boxer and a motorbike stunt rider fall for the same girl in their carnival, starting a battle for her affection. Directed by Lewis Gilbert. Cast:  Maxwell Reed, Laurence Harvey, Susan Shaw, Leslie Dwyer, Meredith Edwards, Hermione Baddeley, Robert Adair, Leslie Bradley, Eric Pohlmann, Nosher Powell, Earl Cameron, Dennis Vance, Laurence Naismith, Charles Farrell, Wilfred Burns, Harry Fowler, Jennifer Jayne, Arthur Mullard, Hal Osmond, J.H. Messham, Jim Kynaston, Tom Messham.

The collection also includes archive documentaries Steam Fair, which features footage of a 1950s British steam fair and Tall Ships, which captures amateur sailors aboard the HMS Gladan in 1970.

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