The Renown Crime Collection Volume 6


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The Renown Crime Collection Volume 6

3 DVD box set Complete With Optional Subtitles

Scotland Yard needs you! A collection of Crime Capers from the 1960s, 50s and 60s. Can you solve the crimes? Films include: Who Killed the Cat? with Mervyn Johns, I Met a Murderer starring James Mason, Smokescreen with Peter Vaughan and Christopher Lee in Police Dog.

Disc One

WHO KILLED THE CAT (1966) Running time: 83 mins.

A ‘lost’ British crime thriller directed by Montgomery Tully.  Cast: Mary Merrall, Ellen Pollock, Amy Dalby, Mervyn Johns, Vanda Godsell, Conrad Phillips. A scheming widow persecutes three old ladies, even poisoning a pet cat – but fate takes its revenge on her…

I MET A MURDERER (1939) Running time: 75 mins.

A British thriller directed by Roy Kellino. Cast: James Mason, Pamela Mason, Sylvia Coleridge, William Devlin, Peter Coke, Esma Cannon, Sheila Morgan,
James Harcourt
and Sheppy as The Dog. A murderer on the run meets a young woman who conceals her suspicions because she wants to use the story for a book.

DANGEROUS GROUND (1934) 64 mins.

A crime drama directed by Norman Walker. Cast: Malcolm Keen, Jack Raine, Joyce Kennedy,
Martin Lewis, Kathleen Kelly
and Gordon Begg. Two insurance detectives work with the police to identify and bring down a crime kingpin. One is murdered, but his partner and his daughter continue. Edited by David Lean.

Disc Two

KILL HER GENTLY (1957) 70 mins.

A Hitchcockian British thriller, directed by Charles Saunders. Cast: Griffith Jones, Maureen Connell, Marc Lawrence, George Mikell, Shay Gorman, Marianne Brauns. Two escaped convicts are picked up by a motorist who recognises the men from descriptions heard on the radio. Instead of turning them in, he decides to hire them to murder his wife.

SMOKESCREEN (1964) 71mins.

A crime drama, directed by Jim O’Connolly. Cast: Peter Vaughan, John Carson, Yvonne Romain, Gerald Flood, Sam Kydd, Deryck Guyler. An insurance investigator travels to Brighton to assess the apparent death of a businessman, after his burning car was seen crashing over a cliff into the sea. The car is recovered and no body is found, – accident, insurance fraud or murder? 

POLICE DOG (1955) 70 mins.

A crime drama, directed by Derek Twist. Cast: Joan Rice, Tim Turner, Sandra Dorne, Charles Victor, Nora Gordon, Cecil Brock, John Le Mesurier, James Gilbert, Ian Fleming, Rex III, (as The Dog), and Christopher Lee. When his colleague is shot dead by a burglar, PC Frank Mason vows to serve justice. He is placed in charge of a stray Alsatian dog now being used for police work. Meanwhile his partner’s killer decides to break into a safe. Will Turner and his dog find the man and bring him to justice?

ONE MAN ONE DOG (1971) 13 mins.

Filmed at Scotland Yard. An insightful film on police dogs and their handlers revealing the state of crime in London and the surrounding areas in the 1970s.

Disc Three


A crime film directed by Paul L. Stein. A murderer sends a question in to the BBC Twenty Questions programme prior to committing a crime. There are four clues to solve which are read out on air and heard by two reporters. Cast: Robert Beatty, Rona Anderson, Clifford Evans, Edward Lexy, Olga Lindo, Frederick Leister, Harold Scott, Wally Patch, Meadows White, Kynaston Reeves. Regular panellists on the programme, played themselves.  (AKA Murder on the Air)

THE HI-JACKERS (1963) 77 mins.

A British crime thriller, written and directed by Jim O’Connolly. Cast: Anthony Booth, Terry McKinley, Jacqueline Ellis, Derek Francis, Patrick Cargill,
Glynn Edwards, David Gregory, Harold Goodwin, Tony Wager, Arthur English, Michael Beint, Tommy Eytle
. A lorry driver meets a young girl at a café and offers her a lift. His truck which is carrying valuable whisky is later hi-jacked. An action-packed plot line, with good location photography.

BOND OF FEAR (1956) 64 mins.

A British crime drama directed by Henry Cass. Cast: Dermot Walsh, Jane Barrett, John Colicos, Marilyn Baker, Anthony Pavey, Alan MacNaughtan, Jameson Clark, John Horsley, Marianne Stone, Arnold Bell, Avril Angers, Bill Shine. A man and his family on a caravan holiday in France are taken hostage by an escaped convict.

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