The Renown Crime Collection Volume 1


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Over 11 hours of vintage crime drama in a stunning 3-DVD box set of 10 films.

Stars John Harvey and written by John Gilling. A passer-by is killed during a robbery in London by three armed men. Directed by Richard M. Grey. Cast: John Harvey, John Fitzgerald, Robert Cartland, Ernest Brightmore, Maria Charles, Patrick Westwood, George Self, Manville Tarrant, Denis Lehrer, Jane Arden.

BOY WITH A FLUTE (1964), a “lost” film now restored, making its debut on DVD in this set, featuring Freda Jackson and Andree Melly, in a tale of paintings and forgery.
Directed by Montgomery Tully. Cast: Jeremy Hawk, Freda Jackson, Ursula Jeans, Andree Melly, Bill Nagy, Richard Bidlake, Ernest Clark, Guy Doleman, Gerard Heinz.

Starring Gordon Jackson and Barbara Murray in a rare old British mystery surrounding a strangulation at a school, which requires the attention of Scotland Yard. Directed by Stephen Clarkson. Cast: Barbara Murray, Gordon Jackson, Pamela Alan, Jane Aird, Beatrice Varley, Anne Butchart, Imogene Moynihan, Jenine Matto, Sam Kydd. The only feature to be directed by Stephen Clarkson.

Stars the great Tod Slaughter, a master of macabre crimes, with Patrick Barr and Tucker McGuire in a tale of greed and murder, adapted from the lost television series Inspector Morley, Late of Scotland Yard, Investigates. Directed by Victor M. Gover. Cast: Tod Slaughter, Patrick Barr, Tucker McGuire, Ingeborg von Kusserow, Frank Hawkins, Leonard Sharp, Anne Valery.

The film debut of Sid James with Michael Medwin as Danny Cruff, who hobnobs with London’s underworld after his father is wrongly accused of murder. Directed by Oswald Mitchell. Cast: Michael Atkinson, Myra O’Connell, Michael Medwin, Sid James (credited as Sydney James), Frank Hawkins, Jane Arden, Winifred Melville, Michael Conry, Betty Miller, Arthur Brander, Gerald Pring, Valerie Hulton, Maurice Nicholas, Malcolm Sommers.

MURDER AT 3AM (1953)
Starring Dennis Price; the story of a serial killer who kills at precisely that time! Directed by Francis Searle. Cast: Dennis Price, Peggy Evans, Rex Garner, Arnold Bell, Greta Mayaro, Philip Saville, Leonard Sharp, Nora Gordon, Renee Goddard, Arthur Lovegrove, Daphne Maddox, Robert Weeden, John Davis.

Jayne Mansfield makes a departure from her usual roles to play tough girl Billy in this dark and brooding drama. Directed by John Gilling. Cast: Jayne Mansfield, Anthony Quayle, Carl Möhner, Peter Reynolds, Barbara Mullen, Robert Brown, Dermot Walsh , Patrick Holt, Edward Judd, John Bennett, Lorraine Clewes, Percy Herbert, John Stratton, Liane Marelli, Bill McGuffie, Peter Pike.

Stars Rod Cameron as a US Private Eye who takes over a case for a murdered friend. Directed by Robert S. Baker. Cast: Rod Cameron, Lois Maxwell, Clifford Evans, Peter Illing, Marianne Stone, Douglas Wilmer, John Colicos, Ballard Berkeley, Andrew Faulds, Barbara Burke, Derek Sydney, Trevor Reid, Neil Wilson, Peter Swanwick, Hal Osmond, Salvin Stewart, Anthony Baird, Tom Bowan.

Gordon Jackson is back in this film about a man making a new life for himself after his prison release, whose past is catching him up! Directed by Montgomery Tully. Cast: Gordon Jackson, June Thorburn, Maya Koumani, Terence Alexander, Mary Clare, Victor Brooks, Joan Heal, Olive Sloane, Llewellyn Rees, Annette Kerr, Norman Shelley, Sam Kydd, Norman Mitchell.

Starring Marshall Thompson, John Loderand Henry Oscar. The story of a physicist drawn into an investigation to locate a spy. Directed by Ronald Kinnoch. Cast: Marshall Thompson, John Loder, Henry Oscar, John Stuart, Anne Aubrey, Magda Miller, Murray Kash, Michael Mellinger.

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