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Number of discs: 1.  Year: 1967
Running Time approx: 46 mins.

Written and directed by: Eric Sykes.

Cast: Eric Sykes, Tommy Cooper and Jimmy Edwards with cameos from Roy Castle, Jimmy Tarbuck, Bill Oddie, Anna Carteret, John Junkin, Jim Dale, Stratford Johns, Graham Stark, Hattie Jacques, Rex Garner, Libby Morris, Ronnie Brody, Johnny Speight, Thomas Gallagher, Howard Douglas, Kenny Lynch, Joan Young, Barney Gilbraith, Clovissa Newcombe, Dermot Kelly and Joanna Lumley.

This British slapstick comedy in which two workmen fall victim to humorous mishaps while transporting a plank from a warehouse to a building site, is conducted with virtually no dialogue, instead using a rich array of sound effects and music. 

Based on an episode of Eric Sykes’ comedy series Sykes and a… from 1964, called Sykes and A Plank. Two carpenters set out to buy a plank, transporting it to the site
on top of a Morris Eight, but the journey involves unexpected difficulties and comedy situations with various characters.

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