The Man Who Never Was DVD


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The Man Who Never Was DVD


No of discs: 1. Colour. Year: 1956. Espionage Thriller. Running Time: approx 99 mins.

Director: Ronald Neame.
Cast: Stephen Boyd, Clifton Webb, Gloria Grahame, Robert Flemyng, Josephine Griffin, Laurence Naismith, William Russell, Geoffrey Keen, Cyril Cusack, André Morell, Michael Hordern, Miles Malleson and Joan Hickson.

Extras include stills gallery and theatrical trailer.

Based on the book of the same name by Lt. Cmdr. Ewen Montagu, the film chronicles “Operation Mincemeat”, a 1943 British intelligence plan to deceive the Axis powers into thinking the Allied invasion of Sicily would take place elsewhere in the Mediterranean. A corpse with a fictional identity is released into the waters off the coast of Spain, where strong currents will carry it ashore near to where a known German agent operates. The non-existent Royal Marine courier, Major William Martin, would appear to be a plane crash victim carrying documents about a planned Allied invasion of German-occupied Greece, rather than Sicily, the more obvious target. The Germans dispatch an Irish spy to London to investigate.

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