The Man From Morocco DVD


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The Man From Morocco DVD

Espionage, romance and action combine in this World War II thriller, starring Anton Walbrook as the leader of a group of freedom fighters and Margaretta Scott as the woman who plays a vital role in their struggle against the Vichy regime. Based on a story by Rudolph Cartier whose pioneering work for the BBC during the 1950s included Nineteen Eighty-Four and the Quatermass series The Man from Morocco is presented here in a brand-new transfer from original film elements in its as-exhibited theatrical aspect ratio.

With the ending of the Spanish Civil War, a dispirited band of volunteers from the International Brigades seeks refuge in France. But on reaching the frontier the band is disarmed, and all are detained as political prisoners. Then come instructions from Vichy that all fit prisoners are to be sent to Morocco to work on the Sahara railway for the Germans. However, one man manages to escape to London with vital information for the Allies…

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