THE LONDON BOYS: David Bowie, Marc Bolan & the 60s Teenage Dream Hardback Book


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Marc Bolan & the 60s Teenage Dream

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By Marc Burrows. Hardback Book, 264 pages, 42 Black & White Illustrations.

The first book to tackle the dual careers of Bolan and Bowie as a single story, this is an exploration of the birth of London’s pop music and youth culture, from Skiffle to Psychedelia and the beginnings of glam rock. It includes interviews with friends and family of both superstars, some of whom have never spoken on the record before. The book features photos, maps and archive material capturing the spirit of ‘Swinging London’. David Bowie and Marc Bolan spent the first part of their careers following similar paths. They met in 1965 as David Jones and Mark Feld, rock ‘n’ roll wannabes, painting their manager’s office in London’s Denmark Street. The pair remained friends and rivals, watching and learning from each other. Before they launched era-defining glam rock masterpieces into the charts, they were both just another face on the scene, meeting for coffee in Soho, hanging out at happenings and jamming in parks. In this book, they guide us through the decade that changed everything, as the gloom of post-war London exploded into the technicolour dream of the swinging sixties, a revolution in music, fashion, art and sexuality. The London Boys follows the British youth culture explosion through the eyes of two young men who became legends.

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