The Greed Of William Hart


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This classic tale of grave robbers and murderers who sold corpses for medical science was banned in its
original title of “Burke and Hare”, which was of course a true story.

The film is set in Edinburgh in the 1800`s starring Tod Slaughter as William Hart; this dark and gory film tells the story of the infamous grave robbers. Burke was hanged and Hare avoided the gallows by testifying against Burke. This film is rarely seen and is graced with a fine cast. Alongside Tod Slaughter, top honours go to Henry Oscar (1891-1969) as Mr. Moore who equals Slaughter`s treacly malevolence to such an extent that neither actor steals the scenes over the other. It is equally delightful to see a very
young Aubrey Woods and also Tod`s wife Jenny Lynn in the role of Helen Moore

Directed By
Oswald Mitchell

Writer – John Gilling
Tod Slaughter – William Hart
Henry Oscar – Mr. Moore
Jenny Lynn – Helen Moore
Winifred Melville – Meg Hart
Aubrey Woods – ‘Daft Jamie` Wilson
Patrick Addison – Hugh Alston
Arnold Bell – Dr. Cox
Mary Love – Mary Patterson
Ann Trego – Janet Brown
Edward Malin – David Patterson
Hubert Woodward – Innkeeper Swanson
Vida Hope – Madam Zilia
Esma Cannon – Madame Cleo
Dennis Wyndham – Sergeant Fisher

Year of Production 1950

Running Time: 71 mins approx
Format: 4:3
Region: 0
Sound: Dual Mono
Encryption: CSS

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