The Frank Marker Fan Club Badge Collection


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Calling all Frank Marker fans!
Presenting the Frank Marker Fan Club Badge Collection Set Of Four.

£7.99 for the set FREE UK Postage & Packing

Exclusive product, not available anywhere else!
Badge measures 6cm across and has a safety pin on the reverse.

Frank Marker, the dour private detective in cult crime TV series Public Eye is a legend in the world of television crime.
Still popular today, Frank, played by Alfred Burke, is remembered for his dry humour, intelligence and perservering character.

He was the least glamorous of private detectives, yet anyone who has seen the show can’t help but be charmed by this straight talking, tea loving man.

To celebrate this much-loved character and an endlessly popular show, we have produced a set of four ‘Frank Marker Fan Club’ badges, featuring images of Frank with retro typography. The ideal gift for Frank fans.