The Footage Detectives Volume 2 3-DVD Box Set


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The Footage Detectives Volume 2




The Footage Detectives are back! In this new volume of episodes from the much-loved series, Mike Read and Noel Cronin, TPTV founder,  unlock the vaults to bring you  lost reels, archive treasures, vintage vehicles, travel footage and famous faces.  We meet a young Roger Moore, visit Paris, hang out at a youth club and ride a Vespa. Mike and Noel are your guides through this feast of nostalgia. Grab the biscuits and settle back as we ask Bob the Projectionist to…. roll those reels!

1 Mark Wynter 50s/60s Heathrow
A new motorway and a lost 1961 TV show with Mark Wynter singing Exclusively Yours. A glimpse of Heathrow in the 1950s or 60s and footage of the opening of a new motorway.

2 Paris. A 1950s stocking factory. A Yorkshire archive.
Paris in the 1950s or 60s. Then a 1950s nylon stocking factory. The archive of Trevor, in a Yorkshire cinema, including exclusive behind the scenes footage from John Schlesinger’s Yanks. Astonishing views of London in the 30s or 40s.

3 Celebrating VE Day. Sid James. Training dogs for films.
Footage of 1945’s VE Day celebrations from around the country. The career of the great Sid James, including possibly the last surviving footage of the much-loved star. Also, a fascinating short film from the 1940s on training dogs for film work. 

4 Youth clubs. Edgar Lustgarten. A different London.
Who joined a Youth Club in the 50s or 60s? Re-live those happy days with newly discovered footage. Scotland Yard’s Edgar Lustgarten in the spotlight and a very different view of London.

5 Childhood memories, toys then Daleks and Steam.
Rocking horses, cowboy suits, dolls, yo-yos and more. Special guest, Kevin John Davies, talks Daleks and shows exclusive unseen footage of Terry Nation. Something special for steam fans.

6 Coronations & jubilees. Rare D. H. Lawrence Reel.
A Jubilee Special with glorious footage of coronations and Jubilees from years gone by.  Lost footage of ‘our boys’ home on leave in the 1940s. We celebrate the life of Peter Bowles. The birthplace of D. H. Lawrence in a short film, and where exactly was that Butlins?

7 Vintage TV and cinema advert special!
A vintage advert special filled with TV and cinema ads. A profile of ‘continuity girl’, Renee Glynne and wise words from Googie Withers and Old Mother Riley. Then it’s off to the Isle of Wight, but when?

8 From Soap Box Derbys to the Monaco Grand Prix!
A pit stop from the past! The joy of Soap Box Derbys & the glamour of the Monaco Grand Prix. Fire engine demonstrations in the 40s. A famous family home movie and some rather lovely vintage cars.

9 Celebrating the projectionist. A trip on a Pullman.
Projectionists, the people in the box that make the magic happen. Familiar faces give friendly advice on how to project the right image. A trip to London airport and a ride on a Pullman, but when and where? And will we finally get to meet Bob? 

10 Driving lessons. Road crossing. Celebrities talk tyres.
Driving lessons and road safety. Public information films and some famous faces give advice on our tyres. Car making, when Britain led the world. Incredible footage of traffic-packed streets – but where?

11 Cold gyms & awful leotards, Nippys & Teahouses.
Cold gym halls and awful leotards! Lyons tea houses and their splendid fare and a profile of ‘Miss Lyons’ of 1949, actress
Joan Rice. A trip down the Thames and old Routemasters.

12 Ban The Bomb march & a street carnival.
Were you on the Ban The Bomb Marches in the 50s? A fishing competition; a proper street carnival and fascinating cars: Austins, Fords and a posh Jag, but what is that unusual two-tone car? A fond look at the life and career of dear friend, Dennis Waterman.

13 A star parade. Norman Wisdom, Cilla Black and more.
Norman Wisdom, Cilla Black, Thora Hird, Tom O’Connor, Billy Cotton, and more. A ‘who’s who’ of the British entertainment industry from the archive of Morris Bright MBE, TV & film historian and author, with unprecedented access to a Norman Wisdom Day at Pinewood. Also footage of a special plaque unveiling for Billy Cotton.

14 Reg Varney. Barbara Windsor. ‘Lost’ Roger Moore Reel.
Who was Harry Dodge? We delve into his archive with footage of Reg Varney, Barbara Windsor & John Gregson among other stars. Incredible day and night footage of London in the 50s or 60s. A car paint shop in the 50s and a charming film set on an allotment. Plus, lost footage of Roger Moore in a spot of bother!

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