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Celluloid sleuths Mike Read & Noel Cronin track down lost films, footage and TV series. 

1 London to Brighton Car Run!
The London to Brighton car run with Genevieve; trekking across Africa in a VW Beetle in the 50s/60s; plus: the career of Jack Hedley. 

2 Jammin’ and Jivin’
Travelogue from the 30s/40s by Horace Shepherd; a Dinah Kaye performance on film and a chat with her great niece Hannah. Plus: Inecto colour – 1950s hair care!

3 Sam Kydd and Eartha Kitt
Sam Kydd’s son, Jonathan Kydd, brings in home movies he found in his parents’ loft. Plus: Christmas round Nan and Grandad’s and Eartha Kitt.

 4 Pre-WWII Germany, Hattie Jacques and Radio Essex
Hattie Jacques teaches English as you’ve never heard it before! Plus: Anne Lawson from The Saint; Brian McDermott; and Radio Essex 1965-66. 

5 Wilson, Keppel & Betty at Dudley Hippodrome & 1930s National Trust
Alan Stafford, expert on Wilson, Keppel & Betty, joins us to look at a lost film of the great vaudeville act. Plus a 1938 National Trust film made in Cumbria and Thame, Oxfordshire.

6 Badger’s Bend with Gay Emma and Britain Today
Gay Emma, (Betsy in Badger’s Bend), drops in; plus a 1930s short on British industries and footage from London and Scotland with a shot of someone famous captured at a zoo!

7 Frank Muir, Peter Sellers and is that Peter Glaze?
Jamie Muir brings in home movies shot by his father Frank Muir, best known for Call My Bluff. The films include Peter Sellers, Denis Norden, Barbara Kelly & Bernard Braden. Plus a clip from Serena with Honor Blackman – is that Peter Glaze, of Crackerjack? 

8 Larry the Lamb, Patsy Blower and Stars & Garters
Larry the Lamb in Toytown was made by Hendrik Baker, the uncle of viewer, David Woodward, who called to tell us. It took a lot of work to get the tapes to a viewable state, but we did it! Patsy Blower, the voice of Larry, also came in for a chat. Plus, a 1964 Holiday on the Continent; and we reminisce about the lost series Stars & Garters.

9 Denise Bryer, No Hiding Place and Peter Butterworth
The life and career of Denise Bryer, the voice of Noddy, Kiki the Frog in Hector’s House and Zelda in Gerry Anderson’s Terrahawks. Also, a Children’s Film Foundation short with Peter Butterworth.

10 The Footage Detectives Transport Special
All aboard for vintage vehicles, steam engines, Vespas, scooters and even a hovercraft to Ramsgate! Plus Juke Box Jury, Jack Smethurst and a little holiday abroad – but where and when?

11 Hardy Krüger, Reel Streets & Home Decorating in the 1960s
Phil from ReelStreets discusses film location research. A tribute to Hardy Krüger and find out How to Paint Your Home in the 60s.

12 Ooh… You are awful, but I like you!
Dick Emery’s son Nick Emery joins us to look at a piece of footage with Dick playing 12 different characters! Also: Danny Kaye and George Bernard Shaw together in a Hertfordshire village; plus a clip from the film Blind Spot with Gordon Jackson and Michael Caine.

13 Googie Withers and John McCallum; also one of the Wilson and Keppel ‘Bettys’ is discovered
Daughter of Googie Withers & John McCallum, Joanna McCallum, visits with footage of her parents from the family archives. One of the ‘Bettys’ from Wilson and Keppel is found, plus 1950s Paris. 

14 Dearly Departed Friends
Mark Hutchinson, son of our much missed friend Tony Hutchinson, joins Mike and Noel to chat about his dad, an original footage detective and collector. Also, a tribute to Barry Cryer, plus: how to select a kitchen in the 50s presented by Gilbert Harding.

15 More Pirate Radio and Worton Hall Studios
Pirate Radio 270 served Yorkshire & the North East, broadcasting from international waters off Scarborough. Also, a lost short on Worton Hall Studios, Isleworth, then we’re off to Butlin’s in 1973.


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