The Early Cowboy Collection Volume 1


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A collection of eleven 1930s Westerns on three DVDs.

A Demon for Trouble (1934) Bob Worth (Bob Steele) is wrongly accused of murdering a ranch owner and sets out to prove his innocence and find the true culprit with the help of Mexican outlaw Golinda (Don Alvarado). Directed by Robert F. Hill. Cast: Bob Steele, Don Albarado, Gloria Shea, Nick Stuart.

Fighting Caballero (1935) follows widow Pat (Dorothy Gulliver) as she arrives in a mining town to investigate her husband’s death. Directed by Elmer Clifton. Cast: Rex Lease, Dorothy Gulliver, Earl Douglas, George Chesebro, Robert Walker and Wally Wales.

Big Boy Rides Again (1935) follows Tom Duncan (Guinn Williams) as he searches for his father’s masked killer. Directed by Albert Herman. Cast: Guinn “Big Boy” Williams, Constance Bergen, Charles K. French, Lafe McKee, Victor Potel, William Gould, Bud Osborne, Frank Ellis, Louis Vincenot.

The Cactus Kid (1935) a cowboy is framed for murdering his partner at the end of a cattle drive and hunts for the real killer. Directed by Harry S. Webb Cast: Jack Perrin, Fred Humes, Philo McCullough, Slim Whitaker, Joe De La Cruz, Jayne Regan, Tom London, Kit Guard, Tina Menard, Hal Taliaferro.

Old Montana (1939) cavalryman Fred Dawson (Fred Scott) investigates an escalating dispute between local shepherds and cattlemen and tries to broker a peace between the two parties. Directed by Raymond K. Johnson Cast: Fred Scott, Jean Carmen, John Merton, Harry Harvey Walter McGrail, Wheeler Oakman, Frank LaRue, Allen Cavan, Jane Keckley.

Law and Order (1936) follows Texas Rangers Tom and Jimmy (Tom Tyler and Rex Lease) as they go after a gang of munitions smugglers. Directed by Harry S. Webb Cast: Tom Tyler, Rex Lease, Margaret Nearing, Al Bridge, William Gould, Robert Walker, Jimmy Aubrey, Slim Whitaker.

The Call of Justice (1936) cowboy Steve Harper (Bill Cody) is framed for murder and breaks out of jail to find the real culprit. Directed by Albert Herman Cast: Bill Cody, Marie Burton, William McCall, Gordon Griffith, Bill Cody Jr., Wally West Dick Strong.

Frontier Days (1934) The Pinto Kid (Cody) stumbles upon a plot to kill a wealthy ranch owner but is framed for his death and put in jail, leaving him no choice but to escape and find the real killer. Directed by Robert F. Hill (as Bob Hill) Cast: Bill Cody, Ada Ince, Wheeler Oakman, Bill Cody Jr., Franklyn Farnum, Lafe McKee, Victor Potel, William Desmond, Robert McKenzie.

The Invisible Message (1935) Bill Williams (Williams) inadvertently comes into possession of a treasure map and is pursued by a group of criminals eager to get their hands on the loot. Directed by Albert Herman (as Al Herman) Cast: Guinn ‘Big Boy’ Williams, Marion Shilling, Frank Yaconelli, Hal Taliaferro, Charles K. French , Tom London, Roger Williams, Gordon Griffith, Barney Beasley, Dick Botiller, Julian Rivero.

Knights of the Plains (1939) follows outlaw Clem Paterson (Richard Cramer) and J.C. Rand (Frank LaRue) as they hatch a scheme to rob homesteaders of their land so they can purchase an entire valley. Directed by Sam Newfield Cast: Fred Scott, Al St. John, Marion Weldon, John Merton, Richard Cramer, Frank LaRue, Lafe McKee, Emma Tansey, Steve Clark, Jimmy Aubrey, James Sheridan, Budd Buster.

Desert Mesa (1935) Jim Kirk (Wally West) searches for the man who conned his father in Cottonwood, Arizona. Directed by Victor Adamson (as Art James) Cast: Wally West, Tanya Beauford, Franklyn Farnum, Bill Patton, Lew Meehan, William McCall, Horace B. Carpenter.

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