The Door With Seven Locks


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The Door With Seven Locks

Based on a novel by British master of suspense Edgar Wallace, this murder mystery features Leslie Banks in brilliantly malevolent form alongside German-born star Lili Palmer. Released in 1940 – a short time after the British Board of Censors changed its guidelines on films with supernatural and horror themes – The Door with Seven Locks is made available here in a brand-new transfer from the only existing 35mm film elements, in its as-exhibited theatrical aspect ratio.

When the wealthy Lord Selford dies, he is entombed with a valuable collection of jewels. Seven keys are required to unlock the tomb and release the treasure, but a series of mysterious events cause them be scattered; the Canadian heiress to the Selford fortune attempts to unravel the circumstances, but she and her fellow investigators find themselves caught in a terrifying web of deceit, torture, and murder…

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