THE CHEATERS The Complete Series 5-DVD Box Set


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THE CHEATERS The Complete Series
5-DVD Box Set

OPTIONAL SUBTITLES. 5 disc set. All 39 episodes. Drama. Black & White. Running time over 16.5 hours.Years: 1960-1962.

Starring: John Ireland, Robert Ayres and Ann Hanslip, Valentine Dyall, Colin Tapley and Reginald Marsh with guest appearances from:
Ann Lynn, Barrie Ingham,Francis Matthews, Jill Ireland, John Carson, Angela Douglas, Jennifer Jayne, Glyn Houston, Lisa Gastoni, Paul Eddington,Peter Butterworth, Sam Kydd, June Thorburn, Anton Rodgers, Ballard Berkeley, Lisa Daniely and Peter Vaughan.

Oscar-nominated actor John Ireland gives a laid back, dryly-humorous performance as a dogged insurance investigator in this classic series from the Danziger Brothers. Co-starring Robert Ayres as his straight-laced boss and filmed in and around an early 60s London populated by murderous pensioners, devious spouses, double-crossing crooks and opportunistic thieves. Transferred from the original film elements.

John Ireland plays John Hunter, insurance claims investigator for the Eastern Insurance company, situated at 3 Belgravia Square, London. He’s a casual American who likes to put his feet on the table while he drinks coffee and considers the latest insurance crime. Set in early 60s London, this series has a cool look with modern interiors and smart cars. The location work in the city and home counties shows an England about to embrace modern architecture and style, although the country pads remain as nostalgic as their owners. John Hunter is partnered by Walter Allen, his rather more formal boss, played by Robert Ayres. There’s a humorous chemistry between the two, an early version of the partnerships now so popular in detective shows and murder mysteries. We follow Hunter as he investigates jewel robbery, murder, confidence tricks, arson, ski-ing accidents, diamond smuggling, blackmail, horse-racing and more. His cases take him to all kinds of places, from London’s docks and East End to Russia, Switzerland, Zanzibar and more. His methods are sometimes above the law, and he meets all kinds of people, including playwrights, boxers, circus acts, fashion designers, society photographers, potential Nazis – and even an actress who insures her legs! All these characters are played by a brilliant cast of guest actors of the time.

Destruction… Death… Fire… Robbery… all these result in insurance claims. Once in a while some joker comes along with an attempt to defraud. By any other name, they are still The Cheaters. That’s where I come in.

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