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The Big Chance DVD

No of discs: 1.  Year: 1957.  Black & White.   Running Time: approx 59 mins.

Director: Peter Graham Scott
Cast: Adrienne Corri, William Russell, Ian Colin, Penelope Bartley & Ferdy Mayne.

How many people live as they want? Not Bill Anderson, (William Russell), he has a mundane job as a clerk in a travel agency. Trapped in his loveless marriage, Bill dreams of a more exciting existence. His opportunity comes by chance when a client at the travel agency changes his travel plans and returns tickets to Panama just before a bank holiday. Bill decides to steal the tickets and be on a faraway beach before his absence is noticed. He arrives at the airport with passport, money and tickets. There he strikes up a conversation with a beautiful woman, (Adrienne Corri). He quickly falls under her spell and when their flight is postponed she entices him away from the airport, but all is not as it seems. Will Bill escape his monotonous existence or will he decide he is not cut out for life on the run?

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