The Best Of Spike Milligan DVD


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The Best Of Spike Milligan DVD


No of discs: 1. Comedy. Colour. Running Time: approx 80 mins.

Cast: Spike Milligan, Katie Boyle, Michael Parkinson, David Lodge, John Bluthal, Peter Jones, Keith Smith, Bob Todd & more.

Spike Milligan arrived on television after the success of the seminal radio comedy The Goons. His TV output lost none of that show’s anarchic and surreal humour. Q (1968-1980) and There’s A Lot Of It About (1982) broke every TV and comedy rule. This compilation features highlights from those series, including Spike as a singing Viking Maiden; insects auditioning for a David Attenborough series; David Lodge in a tutu; Michael Parkinson trying not to laugh in a brothel run by soldiers; Katie Boyle presenting a Eurovision joke contest, all interwoven with excerpts from an ‘interview’ by a BBC reporter. The exuberant joy which Milligan brings to his sketches is irresistible.

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