The Best of Ealing Studios Collection 5 DVD Collector’s Edition


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The Best of Ealing Studios Collection
5 DVD Collector’s Edition

Kind Hearts and Coronets • Passport to Pimlico • The Lavender Hill Mob • The Man in the White Suit • The Ladykillers 


A collection of five classic Ealing comedies. 

In the years following World War II, English film studio Ealing created a number of comedies which remain overwhelmingly popular with today’s audiences, and are still regarded as treasured English classics. The films spanned the lively and modest, to black comedies of the darkest variety, all were equally hilarious.

Kind Hearts and Coronets (1949) 

Directed by: Robert Hamer 

Cast: Alec Guinness, Dennis Price, Valerie Hobson, Joan Greenwood, Audrey Fildes, Miles Malleson, Lyn Evans, Clive Morton, John Penrose, Cecil Ramage, Hugh Griffith, John Salew, Eric Messiter, Barbara Leake, Peggy Ann Clifford, Anne Valery, Arthur Lowe, Jeremy Spenser.
A period comedy set in the early 20th century. Louis Mazzini vows to take revenge on his family, the D’Ascoynes, when he learns how they disinherited his mother. Working his way into their trust, Louis begins to bump off his distant relatives (all played by Alec Guinness), but complications begin when Edith D’Ascoyne, the widow of his first victim, falls in love with him. 

The Ladykillers (1955), 

Directed by: Alexander Mackendrick 

Cast: Alec Guinness, Cecil Parker, Herbert Lom, Peter Sellers, Danny Green, Jack Warner, Katie Johnson, Philip Stainton, Frankie Howerd.
Eccentric landlady Mrs Wilberforce believes her new lodger Professor Marcus and his associates, to be amateur musicians. They are, in fact, the perpetrators of a bank heist, planning to whisk their ill-gotten gains out of London. All goes well until Mrs Wilberforce is persuaded by Marcus to claim his trunk from the station; only then the criminals carefully laid plans go awry. 

The Man in The White Suit (1951)

Directed by: Alexander Mackendrick 

Cast: Alec Guinness, Cecil Parker, Joan Greenwood, Michael Gough, Ernest Thesiger, Henry Mollison, Howard Marion-Crawford, Vida Hope, Duncan Lamont, Colin Gordon, Miles Malleson, Mandy Miller.
Sidney Stratton is a laboratory cleaner in a textile factory who invents a material that neither wears out nor becomes dirty. Initially hailed as a great discovery, Sidney’s invention is suffocated by the management when they realise that people will only need one suit of clothing.

Passport to Pimlico (1949) 

Directed by: Henry Cornelius 

Cast: Stanley Holloway,  Margaret Rutherford, Barbara Murray, Hermione Baddeley, Paul Dupuis, Raymond Huntley, John Slater, Jane Hylton, Betty Warren, Basil Radford, Sydney Tafler, Charles Hawtrey, Sam Kydd, Naunton Wayne, Richard Hearne.
An unexploded bomb goes off in Pimlico, revealing documents showing that this part of London belongs to Burgundy in France. An automonous state is set up, but the petty squabbles of everyday life soon shatter the Utopian vision. 

The Lavender Hill Mob (1951)

Directed by: Charles Crichton 

Cast: Alec Guinness, Stanley Holloway, Sidney James, Alfie Bass, Marjorie Fielding, Edie Martin, John Salew, Ronald Adam, Arthur Hambling,  John Gregson, Sydney Tafler, Audrey Hepburn.
Gold bullion delivery man Henry Holland conspires with fellow lodger Pendlebury, to carry out a heist, intending to smuggle the gold out of the country by melting it into miniature models of the Eiffel Tower. Confusion ensues when the models becomes muddled with a non-golden batch. 

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