The Amazing Mr Blunden


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The Amazing Mr Blunden

Run Time: 99 mins approx | 1 Disc |Year: 1972 

With optional subtitles

Written and Directed by: Lionel Jeffries

Stars: Laurence Naismith, Lynne Frederick, Stuart Lock,Rosalyn Landor, Garry Miller, David Lodge, Marc Granger, Graham Crowden, Diana Dors, James Villiers, Dorothy Alison, Benjamin Smith, Deddie Davies, Madeline Smith, Erik Chitty, Reg Lye, Paul Eddington, Paddy Ward and Aimée Delamain.

Near destitute after the death of her husband, a widow and her young children are approached by a mysterious elderly solicitor, Mr Blunden, who asks the family to become the caretakers of a derelict, partly fire-damaged country mansion. The family takes up the offer and shortly after moving into a small cottage on the mansion’s estate the youngsters meet a pair of ghosts, Sara and Georgie, two children who were killed in a fire at the mansion one hundred years ago. Can history be re-written?

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