The Ads Show 2-DVD Set


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The Ads Show 2-DVD Set

2 discs. Black & White/Colour. Running Time: approx 308 mins.

Extras: Untransmitted pilot; original off air version of episode one.

The Ads Show brings you the best of Britain’s ads. From the 1950s through to the 1990s, savour again many classics, featuring numerous stars. This 2-CD set is packed with adverts, commentary and captions and, of course, many memories! Broadcast only once in 2015 on local television, now these fascinating and funny glimpses of our advertising past are available for all!

Television ads from the 50s to the 90s were part of a golden era of advertising, featuring famous TV personalities and actors, often in long running campaigns. The advertising was punchy, glamorous and humorous. Many included catch phrases which became part of our everyday language. This collection of British advertising for TV features fabulous products which were cutting edge at the time and considered innovative, many of which we now take for granted or perceive as old-fashioned. The taste in fashion and style throughout the period presented in this box set are a reminder of the style and attitudes of the times, from stay-at-home housewives to modern girls with bouffant hairstyles and short skirts, or chaps with immaculate shirts, they are simultaneously funny and trend-setting and still admired today. Many famous personalities feature in this comprehensive selection, including John Le Mesurier doing the voiceover for Homepride flour, Tommy Trinder and Stanley Holloway celebrating the good value of Mace stores, Bobby Moore and his wife enjoying an evening at their local pub, and who could forget Leonard Rossiter spilling his Cinzano down Joan Collins’ cleavage? Dick Emery in one of his disguises visits a local shop, Harry Worth does his famous window trick, Val Doonican croons about Dreft while playing his guitar and Tony Hancock and Patricia Hayes extol the virtues of British eggs! Bob Monkhouse and his family enjoy a snap, crackle and popping breakfast, Lenny Henry is delighted by square crisps, Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett look for rental cars and Donald Campbell promotes frosted flakes, with a model of his Bluebird car in every packet! Do you remember Gleem and Drene? Mrs Flash and her £2 plus a free mop prize? What about Persil double your money, the Kellogs RK Records Club or Green Shields Stamps? And, of course, “nothing sparkles like a Babycham”! 

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