Talking Pictures Film Journal


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Talking Pictures Film Journal

Perfect for taking notes, keeping a journal, writing that novel or even the screenplay you know will be a hit, this A4 sized notebook features a collage of the glamorous stars from our great British Cinema tradition.


The A4 notebook is cloth covered and contains 96 pages. Inside, the pages are printed with lines and a silky ribbon keeps track of your place. At the top of each page is a space for the date, especially useful if you are keeping a personal diary.

The front cover collage is made with many memorable faces, including Terry-Thomas, Clive Dunn, John Gregson, Sid James, Diane Cilento, Liz Frazer, Dora Bryan and lots more. In the centre is a vintage TV image, with the Talking Pictures TV and Renown Pictures logos on the screen, together with the words:

Film Journal

This useful notebook makes a great gift for any film buff, student or anyone who remembers the ‘good old days’ of black and white TV!



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