Tales from the Shipyard


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From the British Film Institute

Tales from the Shipyard

2-DVD box set

Year: 1898-1974; Sound and Silent; Colour and Black & White; Running Time approx: 314  min.

Disc One The Launch of HMS Albion at Blackwall (1898); Employees Leaving Messrs Vickers and Maxim’s in Barrow (1901); Workforce of Scott & Co. Shipyard, Greenock (1901); The Launch of HMS Dominion (1903); King Edward VII Launches HMS Dreadnought from Portsmouth Dockyard (1906); SS Olympic (1910); The Launch of HMS Lowestoft (1913); Visit of Their Majesties the King and Queen to the North-East Coast Shipbuilding and Engineering Works on the Wear (1917); RMS Queen Mary Leaves the Clyde (1936); Shipyard (1935); Chains (1939); Tyneside (1941); Steel Goes to Sea (1941); The Little Ships of England (1943); “Shipyard for Colliers” from Mining Review 2nd Year No.3 (1948); Berth 24 (1950).

Disc Two We’ve Come a Long Way (1951); The Sea Shall Test Her (1954); Seawards the Great Ships (1960); A Great Ship (1962); The Bowler and the Bunnet (1967); UCS 1 (1971); Launch (1974).

Steel was the driving force behind the Second Industrial Revolution, shaping many regions of the UK. In its heyday over 450,000 people worked in the steel industry and its influence still lives on. This double DVD set features 23 rare documentaries, animations and short films spanning the twentieth century. Highlights include footage of the building of the New Tyne bridge in 1928 and the rare 1945 film Steel which was shot by award-winning cameraman Jack Cardiff.


Interview with Sean Connery (1967, 10 mins extract): Sean Connery discusses his views on labour relations.

Illustrated booklet with new essays and notes on all of the films, with contributions from BFI curators, Sir Sean Connery and others.


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