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Ignoring the adoration of Billy, a shy, sensitive young man, Trilby O`Ferral falls under the spell of Svengali, the sinister hypnotist. She and Svengali develop a concert act and tour successfully, forsaking Trilby`s former friends. But Billy`s love is unwavering and wins out at last over the dark power of Svengali.

A last-minute replacement for the equally flamboyant Robert Newton, Wolfit pulls out all the stops as the scroungy, sinister musician/mesmerist who hypnotizes lovely artist’s model Trilby (Hildegarde Neff) and transforms her into a world-famous singer. While under Svengali’s spell, Trilby forgets all about “Little” Billy (Terence Morgan) the starvingartist who loves her fervently. But Billy doesn’t forget, and follows Svengali and Trilby all over the world.

Directed By
Noel Langley

Produced By
George Minter

Trilby O’Ferrall – Hildegard Neff
Svengali – Donald Wolfit
Pierre – Jeremy Brett
Barizel – Harry Secombe
Carrell – Alfie Bass
Billy Bagot – Terence Morgan
The Laird – Derek Bond
Taffy – Paul Rogers
Gecko – David Kassoff
Police Inspector – Peter Illing

Year of Production 1954

Running Time: 1 hr 22 mins approx
Format: 4×3
Region: 0
Sound: Dolby digital 2.0, Dual Mono

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