Stop! Look! Listen!


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From the British Film Institute

Stop! Look! Listen!

With optional subtitles – 2-DVD box set.

Year: 1949-2006; Running Time approx: 238  min; Colour and Black & White.

The Central Office of Information (COI), established in April 1946, produced and distributed thousands of films. Renowned directors  worked for the COI including Paul Rotha, Humphrey Jennings,  Lindsay Anderson, Hugh Hudson and Peter Greenaway. This fourth volume in the COI collection, focuses on health, safety and welfare messages with longer films, plus a small selection of short public information films and commercials. Highlights include: Mind How You Go (1973), Green Cross Code advice from Valerie Singleton; Drive Carefully Darling (1975), with Frank Bough; Apaches (1977), a massacre on a farm from the director of The Long Good Friday. Betcher! (1971), a young Keith Chegwin takes on a cycling challenge. Also Never Go With Strangers (1971), stranger danger advice for children and 20 Times More Likely (1979), Gillian Taylforth’s puppy love ends tragically.

Extras: I Stopped, I Looked and I Listened (1975, 15 minutes): a moving trip down memory lane and some road safety advice for the older pedestrian. Fully illustrated booklet including comprehensive  notes and essays from academics and film historians.

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