Special Offer: Two Paperback Books for £25 by Footage Detective MIKE READ 


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Special Offer: Two Paperback Books for £25 (with FREE UK Postage)
by Footage Detective MIKE READ 

A Thousand Years of a London Street…

PAPERBACK BOOK 310 Pages. Illustrated throughout.

Denmark Street and the site on which it was built, has witnessed a millennium of rock stars, mass murderers, inventors, serial killers, queens, rebels, rogues, lepers, poets,
explorers, arsonists, swordsmen, activists, criminals, anarchists, racing drivers, reformers, schemers, dreamers, pirates, plague victims, great lovers, pioneers, and songwriters. The Kray Twins, The Beatles, Karl Marx, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, Elton John, General Tom Thumb, Tom Jones, Casanova, The Rolling Stones, The Sex Pistols, Paul Simon,
Charlie Chaplin, Johan Zoffany and hundreds of other familiar names, all walked, worked, or wrote in this site. The New Musical Express and the Melody Maker began here, and it was, for a century, the home of our songwriters and the British music publishing industry.

A Thousand Years of a London Street…CHEAPSIDE

PAPERBACK BOOK 420 Pages. Illustrated throughout.

The second London book by Mike Read, documenting a thousand years of selected London streets and their respective histories. With St Paul’s at its western end and St Mary-le-Bow as its centrepiece, Cheapside goes back more than a thousand years, beyond the Romans. Its story includes kings, queens, murderers, poets, playwrights, criminals, diarists, inventors, pioneers, broadcasters, politicians, religious fanatics, philanthropists, revolutionaries, and architects, who all played their part in making Cheapside what Charles Dickens Jnr called “the greatest thoroughfare in the City of London”.

£25 with Free UK postage.

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