SPECIAL OFFER! John Guillermin Book PLUS Comedy Collection Volume 1 with Two on the Tiles!


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John Guillermin Book PLUS
Comedy Collection Volume 1
with Two on the Tiles!


John Guillermin The Man The Myth The Movies

The first book on John Guillermin’s life and films. Critics, directors, archivists & historians discuss his legacy. Lavishly illustrated, his book includes an unpublished autobiographical essay and offers fresh insight not only into John Guillermin the director, but also into the British and US film industries of his time. If you have seen King Kong, The Towering Inferno, or Death on the Nile, you know the work of John Guillermin. He directed 36 films including: Two on the Tiles with Herbert Lom, Brenda Bruce and Hugh McDermott, which features in our Comedy Collection, available in this offer. Other titles directed by Guillermin include: Miss Robin Hood / Operation Diplomat / Town on Trial / The Whole Truth / Adventure in the Hopfields / I Was Monty’s Double / The Day They Robbed the Bank of England / Never Let Go / Rapture / The Blue Max and Skyjacked.

Comedy Collection Volume 1

Our 3-Disc Comedy Collection box set features ten British comedy films on three discs, including the John Guillermin classic, Two On The Tiles (1951), starring: Herbert Lom, Brenda Bruce and Hugh McDermott. A married couple both face temptations while separated for a few days. The husband meets an attractive female fellow traveler in Paris while the wife accidentally spends a night aboard a Royal Navy ship with a male friend after she is stranded following a party.

Also included:

All in Good Fun (1955)

Director: James M. Anderson. Stars: Bob Monkhouse, John Bunny, Charles Chaplin. Comedy Compilation of film comedy from its earliest days to the golden age of slapstick. Introduced by Bob Monkhouse. Includes Max Linder, Tontolini, Ford Sterling Marie Dressler, Fred Mace, The Keystone Cops and Mack Sennett.

Inn for Trouble (1960)

Director: C.M. Pennington-Richards. Stars: Peggy Mount, David Kossoff, Leslie Phillips. Peggy Mount and David Kossoff star as Ada and Alf Larkin in this big screen version of the hugely popular 1950s TV comedy ‘The Larkins’. The Larkin family takes over a run-down country public house, “The Earl Osbourne”, but their efforts to rejuvenate the business are impeded by the long-standing tradition of free beer being distributed by the local Earl.

Dentist in the Chair (1960)

Director: Don Chaffey. Stars: Bob Monkhouse, Peggy Cummins, Kenneth Connor, Eric Barker. Student David makes a big mistake of falling in love with the Dean’s niece Peggy and he may have just made Britain’s ‘Most Wanted’ list too, by getting accidentally involved with stolen goods from a bungling crook!

And the Same to You (1960)

Stars: Brian Rix, William Hartnell, Leo Franklyn. British comic farce featuring performances by Sid James and Tommy Cooper. Brian Rix plays Dickie Dreadnought, the boxing-mad nephew of pious clergyman Reverend Sydney Mullet (Leo Franklyn). Dickie embarks on an elaborate plan to keep his budding boxing career a secret,

Carry on Admiral (1957)

Director: Val Guest. Stars: David Tomlinson, Peggy Cummins, Brian Reece. After a hard night’s drinking, the Assistant to the First Sea Lord and a new ship’s captain accidentally swap clothes and are mistaken for one another! Now the Captain must help handle the reorganising of the entire navy while the hapless assistant must run a fully armed warship.

Crazy Days (1962)

Director: James M. Anderson. Narrated by Hughie Green. Made in 1962. Scenes from the silent era greats, including Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin plus many more.

Demobbed (1944)

Director: John E. Blakeley. Stars: Norman Evans, Nat Jackley, Dan Young. Demobbed from the army Nat, Norman and Dan get new jobs, solve a crime and stage a concert party.

Lifetime of Comedy (1960)

Writer: Sidney Stone. A compilation of comedy sketches from comedy kings Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd, Danny Kaye & Bing Crosby.

Tell Me Another (1976)

Filmed with Dick Hills and a live studio audience. A comedy compilation of stories from Norman Wisdom, Arthur Askey, Jim Dale, Jimmy Jewel, Ted Ray, Roy Hudd, Spike Milligan, Reg Varney, Leslie Phillips, Terry Scott, Thora Hird, Warren Mitchell & Peggy Mount.

The Silent Comics

A short documentary reflecting on the timeless works of silent comics Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd and Ben Turpin.

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