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A British film noir made in 1948 by the Gainsborough Studio, set in the Italian alps and full of post war intrigue and espionage.
A film director, offers his old friend and film extra an intriguing assignment. He is to travel to a remote Italian ski lodge and pose as a film script writer working on his next project. The real purpose of Blair’s visit is
to observe the visitors to the resort who include a photographer called Wesson, (Stanley Holloway) and the mysterious Countess Forelli, who Blair quickly realises is travelling under an alias.
The story begins to unfold with the arrival of Keramiko, played by Herbert Lom, a mysterious Greek gentleman – and when an attempt is made on Blair’s life the real reason for his presence at the resort, and that of the other guests, soon becomes clear.
Based on the novel The Lonely Skier by Hammond Innes.

Run Time: 1hour 20 min
1 Disc|Year: 1948
Black and White
Director: David MacDonald
Stars: Robert Newton, Dennis Price, Stanley Holloway, Herbert Lom.

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