Sir Francis Drake: The Complete Series 3-DVD Set


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Sir Francis DrakeThe Complete Series
3-DVD Set


Year: 1961. Black and White. Running time: 650 mins approx.

Cast: Terence Morgan, Jean Kent, Michael Crawford, Roger Delgado, Patrick McLoughlin, Alex Scott, Milton Reid, Richard Warner, Ewan Roberts, Howard Lang, Glynn Edwards.

All 26 episodes of the swashbuckling British television series starring Terence Morgan as Sir Francis Drake, freebooter, adventurer and expert swordsman. He defends the crown and Queen Elizabeth I against the Spanish, from his ship, The Golden Hind. 

Episodes include: The Prisoner • The Lost Colony of Virginia • Mary, Queen of Scots • Doctor Dee • Bold Enterprise • The English Dragon • Boy Jack • The Garrison • Visit to Spain • The Flame Thrower • The Governor’s Revenge • The Slaves of Spain • The Doughty Plot • King of America • The Irish Pirate • Beggars of the Sea • Drake on Trial • The Bridge • Johnnie Factotum • Mission to Paris • The Reluctant Duchess • The Gypsies • Court Intrigue • Gentlemen of Spain • The Fountain of Youth • Escape.

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This British adventure series stars Terence Morgan as Sir Francis Drake, commander of the sailing ship the Golden Hind. Sea battles, sword fights and intrigue at Queen Elizabeth’s court. With Jean Kent as the Queen and Roger Delgado as the Spanish Ambassador and Michael Crawford as John Drake.


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