Secret Army 12-Disc Box set The Complete Series


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Secret Army 12-Disc Box set
The Complete Series

12 discs. Colour. 42 episodes.Running Time: approx 2284 mins.

Starring: Bernard Hepton, Jan Francis, Angela Richards, Christopher Neame, Stephen Yardley, Valentine Dyall, Juliet Hammond-Hill, Ron Pember, Clifford Rose, Michael Culver and Terrence Hardiman.

Devised and produced by Gerard Glaister (Colditz, The Expert, The Brothers), this award-winning series is a gripping, authentic portrayal of the lives of a Belgian resistance group and their German oppressors during World War II. The lead characters are based on people who really existed and many of the exciting storylines were inspired by actual events. The dramatisation was executed by a dedicated production team, who made this series unforgettable.

SERIES 1 War-torn Brussels, 1941. 

Lisa Colbert runs Lifeline, a resistance network whose members bravely risk torture and death by assisting Allied aircrew to evade capture and return home. The success of such lines has not gone unnoticed by the German High Command, leading Himmler himself to assign the feared Sturmbannführer Kessler to the Belgian capital to eradicate them once and for all.

SERIES 2 War-torn Brussels, 1943.

The brave members of the Lifeline evasion network continue to undermine their German oppressors by assisting Allied aircrew to evade capture and return home. As Brandt and Kessler plan further infiltration attempts, an unexpected tragedy, a group of ruthless Communists and the emergence of a traitor cause further problems for Albert Foiret and his colleagues.

SERIES 3 Brussels, 1944.

As the Allies advance from Normandy, victory for Germany is no longer certain. However, in Brussels the brave members of Lifeline attempt to continue their operations. Albert is targeted by the Communists in revenge for the death of Max leaving Monique with the responsibility for running the line. Meanwhile, Major Reinhardt comes closer than ever to the truth about the Candide. As the Allies reach Belgium, the greatest threat to Lifeline operatives is from their fellow countrymen, who believe them to be collaborators.


Interviews with Juliet Hammond (Natalie Chantrens), Terrence Hardiman), Major Reinhardt), Hazel McBride (Madeleine Duclos), Angela Richards, (Monique Duchamps) and Clifford Rose (Kessler).
Remembering Secret Army A retrospective featurette written and produced by Secret Army director Viktors Ritelis.
Photo Gallery Publicity stills from all three series.

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