Scream Queens Canvas Washbag



Scream Queens Canvas Washbag

The perfect gift for any vintage film buff, fan of horror films or Cellar Dweller!

Our Canvas Washbag features the following Scream Queens: Angharad Rees, Pippa Steel, Edina Ronay, Barbara Shelley, Toni Gilpin, Caroline Munro, Jennifer Daniel,  Susan Farmer,  Valerie Gaunt, Naomi Chance, Jenny Hanley, Valerie Leon, Zoe Hendry, Judy Matheson, Maggie Kimberly, Kate O’Mara,  Linda Hayden, Ingrid Pitt, Una Brandon-Jones, Kay Walsh, Martine Beswick, Naomi Chance,  Kay Walsh, Patrica Quinn, Rosalyn Landor, Madeline Smith, Marie Devereux and Yvonne Romain.

Our canvas texture medium zip up washbag provides plenty of storage. Made from canvas effect fabric in a creamy colour with plenty of space for make-up or bathroom necessities.
Measures 15cm x 24cm.