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A salute to some of the biggest names of the 1940s & 1950s including Perry Como, Margaret Whiting, Les Paul and Mary Ford, Martha Tilton, The Andrew Sisters and Nat King Cole. Includes many classic tracks reissued for the first time from the “Platter Party” EPs from the early 1950’s. This set is a must have for anyone who remembers and loves the music from this era!


DISC 1: PERRY COMO Marrying For Love / The Best Thing For You / MARGARET WHITING It’s A Most Unusual Day / Sorry / MARGARET WHITING FEATURING THE MELLOWMEN The Sun Is Always Shining / HENRI RENE – Fiddlesticks / Twilight / THE MODERNAIRES I’m Late / Alice In Wonderland / NAT KING COLE Make-Believe Land / Easter Sunday Morning / MARTHA TILTON & CONNIE HAINES Nobody’s Chasing Me / MARTHA TILTON FEATURING THE LEE GORDON SINGERS  I’ll Always Love You / CONNIE HAINES It’s Good-Bye And So-Long To You / CONNIE HAINES & MARTHA TILTON That’s A Man, Ev’rytime / THE SAUTER-FINEGAN ORCHESTRA A Doodle Town Yankee / Madame X / DENNIS DAY FEATURING THE NORMAN LUBOFF CHOIR Mister And Mississippi / A Trinket Of Shiny Gold / EDDIE FISHER A Star Will Fall / My One Sin / FRANKIE CARLE AND RHYTHM ACCOMPANIMENT Carle’s Capers / FRANKIE CARLE AND HIS ORCHESTRA A Blues Serenade / THE ANDREWS SISTERS Love Is Such a Cheat / That’s My Home / BOB MANNING I’m a Fool for You / To Love Again

DISC 2: DINAH SHORE -Reflections on the Water / Pretty Mandolin / BILLY ECKSTINE The Bitter With the Sweet / Joey, Joey, Joey / HARRY JAMES Serenata / Oh! My Papa (O, Mein Papa) / JUNE CHRISTY The Live Oak Tree / The Man I Love / AMES BROTHERS Summer Sweetheart / 49 Shades of Green / LES PAUL AND MARY FORD Mister Sandman / Jungle Bells / RALPH FLANAGAN AND HIS ORCHESTRA Marsellaise / The Rose of Tralee / THE SATISFIERS (Li’l Abner) Don’t Marry That Girl / The Boogie Woogie Barnyard / ROY ROGERS Peter Cottontail / DALE EVANS Lock, Stock, and Barrel / ROY ROGERS & DALE EVANS May the Good Lord Take a Likin’ to Ya Peter Tinturin / THE ANDREWS SISTERS Open Door – Open Arms / Blossoms on the Bough / EDDY ARNOLD The Kentuckian Song /  The Cattle Call2 / JUNE VALLI Take Me Back / A Bird in a Cage / VAUGHN MONROE & HIS ORCHESTRA The Last Round-up / A Little Golden Cross / Auld Lang Syne

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