Saber of London 5-DVD Box Set


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Saber of London 5-DVD Box Set

OPTIONAL SUBTITLES. 5 discs. Vol. 1. All 36 Episodes.

Detective Drama. Black & White. Years: 1958-1959.
Running time over 15 hours of content. 

Cast: Donald Gray, Colin Tapley, Neil McCallum, Gordon Tanner, Jennifer Jayne, Robert Arden, Garry Thorne, Honor Blackman, John Loder, Eric Pohlmann, Robert Ayres, Gordon Jackson, Ferdy Mayne, Sandra Dorne, Adrienne Corri, John le Mesurier and Ronald Leigh-Hunt.

Produced by: Edward J. Danziger and Harry Lee Danziger.

Saber of London was an American detective drama broadcast on ABC (1955-1957) and then moved to NBC (1957-1960). One-armed detective Mark Saber was an Englishman working with the New York Police Department. He tracked down criminals by his brilliant use of deduction as well as regular police methods. The opening sequence famously concluded with Saber standing in front of Big Ben, announcing, “Good Evening. I’m Mark Saber, and this is London.” Saber’s cases also took him to Europe, including glamorous locations such as Paris and the Riviera.

Edward J. and Harry Lee Danziger, producers extraordinaire, were native New Yorkers, who set up shop in Britain in 1952 and, for a decade, became arguably the world’s most prolific
independent supplier of television shows and ‘B’ movies, creating nearly 100 films and in excess of 300 TV episodes for the British and American market. Their longest-running creation was Saber featuring one-armed detective Mark Saber, who sleuthed his way through more than 150 episodes of murder, blackmail and conduct unbecoming! Following on from the success of the second series of The Vise – which was networked in the States and played regionally in the UK as Mark Saber – the Danzigers changed the title for this third series: to Saber of London. The dogged detective was as reliable as ever – no crime unsolved, no criminal unthwarted! 

Starring Donald Gray, alongside Colin Tapley as his reliable ‘Inspector’ and featuring scripts from Brian Clemens, amongst others – Saber of London ran for an unprecedented 91 episodes. Unseen for over fifty years, 36 of these have been newly transferred from original film elements especially for this release.

Lead actor, Donald Gray, enlisted in the Gordon Highlanders during World War II and was injured in 1944 by a German anti-tank shell in France after which his left arm was amputated. After the war he pursued his acting career, becoming a continuity announcer for the BBC before being cast as the one-armed detective Mark Saber.

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