Renown Special Offer 2 for £10: Kiss the Bride Goodbye and Reluctant Bride


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Renown Special Offer 2 for £10:
Kiss the Bride Goodbye
AND Reluctant Bride

Usual Price £7.99 each. Offer ends August 15th.

Kiss the Bride Goodbye

A working-class girl’s plans to marry are thwarted when her mother interferes. Hoping to improve her daughter’s social status, she arranges for her daughter to wed her boss while the fiancé is away at war. He arrives home to discover his love is engaged to another man. Who will she marry?

Directed by: Paul L. Stein
Cast: Patricia Medina, Jimmy Hanley, Ellen Pollock, Claud Allister, Jean Simmons, Marie Lohr, Frederick Leister and Wylie Watson.

Running Time: 89 mins approx | Year of Production 1945 |  Black and White

Reluctant Bride

Four orphaned children are put in their Aunt and Uncle’s custody after their parents, renowned explorers, are lost. The ‘proper’ English aunt is the sister of the missing mother; the uncle, a Texas oilman, the brother of the father. Naturally, the disparate pair dislike each other at first…

Directed by: Henry Cass
Cast: John Carroll, Virginia Bruce, Brian Oulton, Kay Callard, Michael Caridia, Pamela Brown and Arthur Lowe.

Running Time: 70 mins approx | Year of Production 1955 |  Black and White

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