Reel to Real – Paper Back Book – A Life in Film by Noel Cronin



Reel to Real – A Life in Film by Noel Cronin

‘Mr Talking Pictures TV’


Noel Cronin’s autobiography, founder of Talking Pictures TV, is a must-read for those interested in British film history. He takes us from his schooldays in north London to a job as a post-boy at Rank, then as a film editor in Soho in the Swinging Sixties and Seventies, starting a film distribution company, to the ground-breaking Talking Pictures TV.

It shows the grit and determination necessary to make a living in the film business, and the leaps of faith one should take if you’ve got a good idea.

He’s worked with a huge variety of names in the film business including Peter Greenaway, Cleo Laine and Johnny Dankworth, Norman Wisdom, Mickey Rooney, Bernard Hill, Robert Llewellyn, George Cole, Prunella Scales, David Carradine, Gemma Craven and Simon Ward.

Noel talks in detail about the highs and lows of his career, and the huge fun he’s had along the way with family and colleagues, as well as the sadness of losing his beloved wife and a battle for his integrity and that of the firm he worked so hard to establish.

The book ends on a high note, with the triumphant launch of Talking Pictures TV, the greatest moment of his career, and is a template for anyone wanting to start up their own station almost single-handedly. It’s a warm and hugely entertaining romp through the golden years of British cinema, and an inspiration to anyone who chooses film to follow their dreams.

“Noel Cronin’s…tireless work [has preserved] so many classic films that might otherwise have been forgotten … keeping the great legacy alive and accessible to the general public” – HAYLEY MILLS

“Noel has been instrumental in changing British television broadcasting with his innovative channel Talking Pictures TV” – MAXINE PEAKE

“I have many televisions in my home…but all I really watch is Talking Pictures TV” – FRANCIS ROSSI OBE

“Many, many films and a lot of our history would have disappeared if this gentleman had not cherished them” – JENNY HANLEY

“He started his life on the lowest rung of the ladder as an office boy in the movie business…he was hooked!” – MELVYN HAYES OBE

“Noel had achieved (Talking Pictures TV’s success) without the support of multi-media corporations, but by sheer hard work” – VICKI MICHELLE MBE

“Talking Pictures TV…feels like a community with a common interest” – JESS CONRAD OBE

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