Quest For Love [1971]


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Quest For Love [1971]


When a scientific experiment goes horribly wrong Colin Trafford (Tom Bell) finds himself in a parallel reality in 1971 in this thrilling sci-fi drama. In his new world JFK is alive and well and World War II never happened. Colin also finds that he is now a celebrated author rather than a scientist and unhappily married to a beautiful wife, Otillie (Joan Collins). Colin soon falls for Otillie but she loathes her womanising husband. With the help of Professor Larnstein (Lawrence Naismith) Colin convinces Otillie of his story and their love affair blossoms. However tragedy strikes when Otillie s heart condition leads to her untimely death. Believing that Otillie must be alive in his original existence, Colin must find a way of returning to his old world and saving the woman he loves before it is too late! Based on the story Random Quest by John Wyndham.


DVD classed as ‘used’ due to faint scratches on box from storage – DVD disc is in perfect condition with no scratches.

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