PLEASE SIR! 10-DVD Box Set all four complete series PLUS feature film


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all four complete series PLUS feature film

26 hours  on 10 discs!

10-DVD BOX SET  Running Time: over 26 hrs.  

Comedy. Colour and Black & White. Year: 1968-1971.

Stars: John Alderton, Deryck Guyler, Noel Howlett, Erik Chitty, Joan Sanderson, Richard Davies, David Barry, Peter Cleall, Peter Denyer, Liz Gebhardt, Malcolm McFee, Norman Bird, Penny Spencer, Carol Hawkins, Richard Warwick, Aziz Resham, Patsy Rowlands,Brinsley Forde, Jill Kerman, Barbara Mitchell, Peter Bayliss,Eve Pearce, Jack Smethurst and Brenda Cowling.

An astounding success for ITV on its original transmission and fondly remembered to this day, Please, Sir! featured John Alderton as Bernard Hedges, a newly qualified teacher who is assigned to sort out the unruly class 5C at Fenn Street Secondary Modern School. Ably helped, (and sometimes hindered), by his fellow teachers, he also has to combat the wiles of the school caretaker, played by Derek Guyler.

Created by John Esmonde and Bob Larbey for London Weekend Television for ITV, the series ran for 55 episodes between 1968 and 1972. Bernard Hedges (John Alderton), a newly-qualified teacher, is allocated Class 5C, the most unruly form in the school. At first relations are frosty but gradually he gains the respect of his class and the rest of the staff. As the series progresses, he is shown to be a caring and very fair teacher who always defends his form, regardless of how much evidence is against them.

Norman Potter (Deryck Guyler) is the pedantic and officious school caretaker. He claims to have been a Desert Rat and constantly complains about the unruly behaviour of class 5C. He is fiercely loyal (to the point of sycophancy) to the headmaster, but a thorn in the side of the rest of the staff. His various comeuppances provide much of the ongoing humour of the sitcom.

Maurice Cromwell (Noel Howlett), the Headteacher – nicknamed “Oliver” – is a well-meaning, idealistic and liberal figure, who is also utterly ineffectual. Admired and flattered by his deputy Miss Ewell and caretaker Potter, he is regarded more ambivalently by Hedges and Price.

Doris Ewell (Portrayed by Joan Sanderson) is nicknamed Doris “Rotten” Ewell or “Old Mother Ewell”, Mr Cromwell’s deputy, she is rigorously strict and humourless, not just with the pupils but also the staff and as a result she is an unpopular – but feared – figure.

Eric Duffy (Peter Cleall) is the leader of the pupils, with a tough demeanour and little enthusiasm for school, however he is always fair-minded.

Peter Craven (Malcolm McFee) is known for his sharp dress-sense and wise-cracking.

Sharon Eversleigh (Penny Spencer & Carol Hawkins). Sharon dresses and acts in a flirtatious manner, and is well-versed in relationships.

Maureen Bullock (Liz Gebhardt) Her passions are her Catholic faith and her crush on Mr Hedges.

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