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Not in Front of the Children
with Wendy Craig on DVD 

All 8 Surviving Episodes

Running time: 240 mins.
Years: 1967 to 1969
Black & White and Colour.

Cast: Wendy Craig, Paul Daneman/ Ronald Hines, Roberta Tovey, Jill Riddick,
Hugo Keith-Johnston and Charlotte Mitchell.

Not in Front of the Children was the first sitcom in which Wendy Craig played a harassed and scatter-brained mother of a young and unruly middle-class family. Due to its success,
she went on to play similar roles in And Mother Makes Three and Carla Lane’s Butterflies. Jennifer Corner, married to art teacher Henry, (played by Paul Daneman and later Ronald Hines), battled the daily challenges of bringing up their three young children. From the pitfalls of offering moral guidance to your children, to the upheaval of a new baby arriving, and finally a move to a new country home … Jennifer Corner held her family together through crises both trivial and serious. Wendy Craig won a Best Actress BAFTA for her portrayal of the struggling mum in this ground-breaking and hilarious comedy.

Of the 4 series and 38 episodes that were made, only 8 now survive: The Word (Series 1 ep 3); Religious Revival (Series 2 ep 2); The Iron Hand (Series 2 ep 5); The George Washington Complex (Series 2 ep 6) Home Chat (Series 2 ep 7); Change Of Policy (Series 2 ep 8); A Babe About The House (Series 4 ep 4; Pastures New (Series 4 ep 13).


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