From the BFI: The Children’s Film Foundation BUMPER BOX Volume 3


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From the BFI:
The Children’s Film Foundation
BUMPER BOX Volume 3.

3-DVD Set


Running Time approx: 505 mins | Black & White and Colour |
Year: 1953-1985. 

For over 30 years, the Children’s Film Foundation provided young audiences with entertainment, employing the cream of British film-making talent. Unavailable for years, these much-loved films now make a welcome return.

The Clue of the Missing Ape (1953) (AKA Gibraltar Adventure)
Two youngsters discover a plan to blow up the British fleet off Gibraltar. Features a series of chase scenes which include many of the key sights of Gibraltar in 1953.
Director: James Hill. Stars: George Cole, Patrick Boxill, William Patrick, Pilar Ellis and Jimmy Sutton. 

Adventure in the Hopfields (1954)
After accidentally smashing her mother’s prized ornament, little London girl Jenny leaves to make money to buy a new one by hop picking in Kent.
Director: John Guillermin.  Stars: Mandy Miller, Hilda Fenemore, Russell Waters, Harold Lang, Melvyn Hayes, Dandy Nichols and Mona Washbourne. 

Tim Driscoll’s Donkey (1955)
An Irish orphan boy sets off to rescue his pet donkey, which has been sold and shipped to England.
Director: Terry Bishop. Stars: John Kelly, David Coote, Peggy Marshall and Carol Lorimer. 

Runaway Railway (1965)
Four young train enthusiasts hope to clean up an old steam engine but two train robbers have other plans.
Director: Jan Darnley-Smith. Stars: Sydney Tafler, John Moulder-Brown, Kevin Bennett, Leonard Brockwell, Roberta Tovey,  Ronnie Barker.

Cry Wolf (1968)
Two children discover a plot to kidnap the prime minister.
Director: John Davis. Cast: Anthony Kemp, Mary Burleigh, Pat Coombs, Wilfrid Brambell, Janet Munro and Ian Hendry.

Calamity the Cow (1967)
Farmer Grant’s children work hard to make Calamity the cow fit and healthy enough for the show ring.
Director: David Eastman. Stars: John Moulder-Brown, Elizabeth Dear, Stephen Brown and Phil Collins.

Big Wheels and Sailor (1979)
Big Wheels & Sailor are two heavy trucks, pursued by a gang of crooks for their cargo. On board, four children plan to outwit the villains.
Director: Doug Aitken. Cast: Nigel Humphries, Matthew Wright, Victoria Gibson & Julian Curry.

Breakout (1984)
Two young birdwatchers are taken hostage by three escaped convicts.
Director: Dennis Donnelly.  Stars: David Jackson, Ian Bartholomew, John Bowler, Barry Norman and John Benfield.

Our Exploits at West Poley (1985)
Set in the 1800s; two boys divert the course of a river and try to put it right.
Director: Diarmuid Lawrence.  Stars: Anthony Bate,  Brenda Fricker, Charlie Condou, Jonathan Jackson, Sean Bean and Jonathan Adams.


Our Magazine No 2 (1952, 10 mins): What kids did for fun pre internet!
Watch Out (1953, 18 mins)
That’s an Order (1954, 18 mins)
Playground Express (1954, 16 mins)
Before Its Time: The Battle of Billy’s Pond (2021, 13 mins): Harley Cokeliss revisits his eco-aware film.
Illustrated booklet by Vic Pratt.

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