NETTLEFOLD STUDIOS Collection Volume 1


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Nettlefold Studios Collection Volume 1


Running Time: 663 minutes

A collection of films made at Nettlefold Studios, Walton. Including a special celebration of British Pioneer Filmmaker Cecil Hepworth and the studios.

Disc One

The Turners Of Prospect Road (1947)
Running Time: 62 mins. Directed by: Maurice J Wilson. Cast: Wilfrid Lawson, Helena Pickard, Maureen Glynne, Amy Veness, Jeanne De Casalis, Shamus Locke, Desmond Tester, Christopher Steele, Giselle Morlais. Previously thought lost from the National Film Archive, the tale of a greyhound puppy found in the back of a Black Cab in London, and its shot at racing glory. 

Private Information (1952)
Running Time: 63 mins. Directed by: Fergus McDonell. Cast: Jill Esmond, Jack Watling, Carol Marsh, Gerard Heinz, Mercy Haystead, Norman Shelley. Charlotte suspects that the local council is corrupt and mounts a battle against the defective drains that could cause public health issues. A fine performance from the wonderful Jill Esmond. 

Tom Brown’s Schooldays Original Trailer
Running time: 3mins. The original Theatrical Trailer for this iconic film.

Tom Brown’s Schooldays (1951)
Running time: 91 mins. Directed by: Gordon Parry.  Cast: John Howard Davies, Robert Newton, James Hayter, John Charlesworth, John Forrest, Michael Hordern, Max Bygraves, Francis De Wolff, Amy Veness.  This faithful rendition of the Thomas Hughes book portrays life at Rugby School for Boys, shot on location at the school itself.

Disc Two

A Celebration of Nettlefold Studios and Cecil Hepworth
Running time: 17 mins.  Join Dr Simon Brown (Associate Professor of Film and Television, Kingston University), Mike Read, William Russell (Sir Lancelot) and Patricia Dainton to celebrate the famous Nettlefold Studios. We explore the history of Nettlefold, reflecting on the work of Cecil Hepworth, director, film producer and screenwriter. 

Sheepdog Of The Hills (1941)
Running time: 72mins. Directed by: Germain Burger. Cast: David Farrar, Philip Friend, Helen Perry, Dennis Wyndham, Jack Vyvyan, Arthur Denton, Philip Godfrey, Johnnie Schofield. Collington is troubled with sheep-stealing and the local preacher is in love with a girl who wants to marry another. This story will keep you hooked until the end. 

Park Plaza 605 (1953)
Running time: 75 mins. Directed by: Bernard Knowles. Cast: Tom Conway, Eva Bartok, Joy Shelton, Sidney James, Richard Wattis, Carl Jaffe, Frederick Schiller.  Tom Conway, (The Falcon), stars as a private detective wrongly accused of murder. Can he prove his innocence and track down the jewel thieves? Featuring Sid James and Richard Wattis, this is a film to remember.

The Delavine Affair (1955)
Running time: 62 mins. Directed by: Douglas Peirce. Cast: Peter Reynolds, Honor Blackman, Gordon Jackson,  Valerie Veron, Michael Balfour, Peter Neil, Laurie Main, Peter Swanwick, Katie Johnson, Mark Daly. Journalist Rex Banner, (Peter Reynolds), with the aid of his wife Maxine, (Honor Blackman), attempts to solve a jewel robbery, but the criminals frame Rex for the murder of a witness. 

Disc Three

The Blue Parrot (1953)
Running time: 67 mins. Directed by: John Harlow. Cast: Dermot Walsh, Jacqueline Hill, John Le Mesurier, Ferdy Mayne, June Ashley, Ballard Berkeley, Richard Pearson and Valerie White.  A classic British film noir with John Le Mesurier giving a superbly under-stated performance as a Soho nightclub owner, whose club is being investigated after the murder of a small time crook. The film debut for Jacqueline Hill, who later played Barbara Wright,
companion of the first Dr Who. 

Three Silent Men (1940)
Running time: 67 mins. Directed by: Thomas Bentley. Cast: Sebastian Shaw, Derrick De Marney, Patricia Roc, Arthur Hambling, Cameron Hall, John Turnbull, Peter Gawthorne, André Morell, Jack Vyvyan, Meinhart Maur. A pacifist surgeon, (Sebastian Shaw), operates to save the life of the inventor of a deadly weapon to be used against the allies in war. When the inventor dies, the surgeon becomes the prime suspect. 

Meet Mr Callaghan (1954)
Running time: 87 mins.  Directed by: Charles Saunders. Cast: Derrick De Marney, Harriette Johns, Peter Neil,  Adrienne Corri, Delphi Lawrence, Belinda Lee, Larry Burns, Trevor Reid, John Longden. Private Detective Slim Callaghan, (Derrick De Marney), is hired by young socialite Cynthis Meraulton, (Harriette Johns), when her rich stepfather changes his will in her favour and is then murdered. Can Slim Callaghan save the damsel and the day?

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