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A wealth of British talent enlivens this Noël Coward omnibus of three slices of life told with his trademark blend of incisive wit and affectionate observation.

From music hall mayhem to suburban suffering and a romp on the Riviera, each playlet features a top-notch cast whose exuberant performances bring the everyday situations to life.

In the first of the playlets, Ted Ray and Kay Walsh are a washed up musical hall act who have had one rinse too many!

In the second, Stanley Holloway is a hen pecked husband who has the last laugh on his loathsome family.

In the third, based in the South of France, Nigel Patrick and Valerie Hobson star as a couple who are hoping that Jack Warner is the answer to their gambling problems!!

Run Time: 81 min
1 Disc|Year: 1952
Director: Anthony Pelissier
Stars: Valerie Hobson,
Stanley Holloway, Nigel Patrick, Ted Ray, Kay Walsh, Jack Warner.


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