MAIGRET: The Complete Series 14-DVD Box Set


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MAIGRET: The Complete Series
14-DVD Box Set

WITH OPTIONAL SUBTITLES IN ENGLISH & FRENCH. 14 discsCOMPLETE SERIES. 52 episodes plus a feature-length play. 

Crime. Black & White. Years: 1960 to 1963 and 1969. Running time approx: 45.7 hours. 

Cast: Rupert Davies,Ewen Solon, Helen Shingler, Neville Jason, Victor Lucas, Patrick Troughton, Dandy Nicholls, Stratford Johns, Margaret Tyzack, Alfred Burke, Rita Webb, Warren Mitchell, Nanette Newman, Arthur Lowe & many more.

Long awaited, never previously released, this comprehensive box set of 14 discs comprises the complete series; all 52 episodes from 1960-1963 plus a feature-length play from 1969. Rupert Davies stars in both the series and the play. A must-have for any fan of the French detective! This definitive adaptation of Georges Simenon’s world-famous novels stars Rupert Davies as Commissaire Jules Maigret, the dogged French detective. His BAFTA- winning portrayal won the approval of Simenon himself, who stated:

“At last, I have found the perfect Maigret!”

The 1960s series has been remastered from the original film elements and is featured here in its original full-screen TV format. All episodes, except the pilot, have survived intact, and are available here as a complete set of 52 plus a feature length play. The series was written by ten writers and guest stars included the cream of the acting world of the day. Each 50 minute episode was shot mainly in the studio, with many exteriors filmed on location in Paris. Interviewed in 1964, Rupert Davies recalled taking the first films to Simenon to view. “Both Georges and his wife were delighted,” he remarked. He also remembered, “the Americans thought Maigret’s manner much too free and easy, and they were quite shocked when he would ask a girl a straight question like: ‘Did you go to bed with this man?’” Davies reprised the role for a one-off 1969 production, Maigret at Bay, also included here. To this date his portrayal remains the definitive version.

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