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Penniless artist Roger Fox (Bernard Braden) will be given -£10,000 by an Uncle if he can prove a profitable sober existence. His wife Jean (Barbara Kelly) pawns him for -£5.00 so she can entertain a Solicitor handling Uncle`s affairs…. then she loses the ticket!!

Screenplay by Guy Morgan, Frank Muir and Denis Norden.

Directed by
Charles Saunders

Bernard Braden – Roger Fox
Barbara Kelly – Jean Fox
Reg Dixon – Albert Trusslove
Jeannie Carson – Amber Trusslove
John Laurie – Mr. McCutcheon
Laurence Naismith – Uncle Amos
Walter Crisham – Hilary Stitfall
Avice Landone – Amelia Trusslove
Dorothy Gordon – Marlene
Alan Robinson – Arnold Bibcock
Tom Gill – Fred Pollock
Hal Osmond – Burglar
Ronnie Stevens – Grocer
Kathleen Stuart – Natalie
Michael Balfour – Alaric

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