Juno and the Paycock DVD


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Juno and the Paycock DVD

Derived from Sean O’Casey s acclaimed play, Alfred Hitchcock’s adaptation of Juno and the Paycock is one of the Master s most unjustly neglected films. Down in the Dublin slums, Captain Boyle is a shiftless layabout, scrounging off his hard-working wife Juno. When he learns he has inherited a great deal of money, their lives change forever. Starring members of the cast of the original Abbey Theatre production, this powerful drama shows there was more to Hitchcock than just suspense. His skill with actors and rare ability to bridge theatre and cinema make this one of the most satisfying adaptations of a great play. A huge success on first release, Juno and the Paycock is ripe for rediscovery.

DVD classed as used due to scratches on box from storage; DVD disc is in perfect condition

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