Intermissions Magazine Issue 3


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We are very proud of this unique magazine that’s perfect for all supporters of film and TV history and packed with articles from incredible contributors that you all know and love. There’s something for everyone! Our first edition includes:

  • Fascinating features dedicated to the much-loved stars, films and television series of yesteryear!
  • Remembering the golden era of British film studios
  • Showbiz contributors including actor Nicholas Young from The Tomorrow People
  • ‘The Writing on The Wall’: Mike Read’s new series about blue commemorative plaques
  • ‘Reel Streets’: highlighting shots of films then and now
  • Behind the Scenes: the people who made movie magic!
  • Investigating ‘lost’ tv episodes
  • Championing vintage cinemas and theatres
  • Trips down ‘Memory Lane’: a nostalgic look at life and the fashions of the past
  • The Star’s a Car! Classic cars in film and TV!
  • Monthly horoscope with Russell Grant – plus crossword and quizzes!
  • Follow Mike and Noel, ‘The Footage Detectives’!
  • Gossip with ‘scream queen’ Caroline Munro!
  • Your wonderful letters to The Projectionist!
  • Don’t miss the fabulous films and TV series coming to Talking Pictures TV with our monthly highlights!
  • Special offers on exclusive Talking Pictures TV and Renown Pictures DVDs, CDs, Books and Memorabilia!