I See A Dark Stranger


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I See A Dark Stranger DVD

Tense British espionage thriller, set in Ireland and the UK during World War 2 with a superb cast including Trevor Howard, Deborah Kerr and Raymond Huntley. Fiery Irish republican Bridie Quilty (Deborah Kerr) has been inspired by her nationalist father to hate the British. On her 21st birthday she leaves her village and heads to Dublin to join the IRA but is unsuccessful. Instead she unwittingly falls in with a German spy Miller (Raymond Huntley) who recruits her and finds her a job working in a sleepy English village pub near a military prison. When British Officer David Baynes (Trevor Howard) arrives in the village however he falls for Bridie. Together they unwittingly uncover a German plot to undermine the Allied efforts at a critical point of World War 2 which causes her to question her hatred of all things British!!

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