How to be Eccentric: The Essential Richard Massingham on DVD


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From the British Film Institute

How to be Eccentric:
The Essential Richard Massingham 

1 DVD | Years: 1934-1951 | Black & White | Running Time: Approx: 170 min

Richard Massingham was known to anyone who went to the cinema in Britain during the 1940s. He starred as a well-meaning but bumbling everyman in a series of imaginative shorts which provided instruction to the British public on everything from how to cross roads to the correct way to sneeze into a handkerchief to bathing in just five inches of water during wartime rationing. Often producing and directing too, his films are marked by a wonderful combination of comedy, instruction, surrealism and whimsy. This new selection from the BFI celebrates Richard Massingham as one of British cinema’s most fascinating and enduring eccentrics.

Contents: Dr Massingham says… Tell Me If It Hurts (1934) | Coughs and Sneezes (1945) | Jet-propelled Germs (1948) | Handkerchief Drill (1949) | Another Case of Poisoning (1949) | The Cure (1950) | Surviving the War: The Five Inch Bather (1942) | Post Early for Christmas (1943) | In Which We Live: Being the Life Story of a Suit Told by Itself (1943) | Elopement in France (1944) | An Englishman’s home… Down at the Local (1945) | An Englishman’s Home……….. (1946) | Moving House (1950) | Post-war Blues: What a Life!: What a Life (1948) | Watch Your Meters (1947) | Warning to Travellers (1949) | Help Yourself (1950) | Post-war Blues: The Daily Grind: Pool of Contentment (1946) | Pedal Cyclists (1947) | Pedestrian Crossing (1948) | 30 Miles an Hour (1949) | Introducing the New Worker (1951).

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