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Reprising his role in R.C. Sherriff’s West End stage hit, Ralph Richardson stars as a staid London bank clerk whose inexplicable amnesia leaves him without an alibi in the aftermath of a murder; Jack Hawkins stars as his doctor, and Margaret Leighton his equally perplexed wife.

This 1952 suspense feature saw Richardson heading an outstanding cast, as well as taking on the mantle of director for the first and only time in his career, with Guy Hamilton (best known for Goldfinger and Diamonds Are Forever) as assistant director; the result is a taut, compelling and very human drama that retains a gripping sense of mystery right up to its conclusion. Home at Seven is presented here in a brand-new transfer from the original film elements.

When David Preston returns home at seven, his distraught wife tells him that he did not come home at seven – or at any other time – the previous evening. In fact, he has no idea where he could have been; he recalls nothing between the time he left the bank on Monday and his arrival home that following evening. His doctor is inclined at first to treat it lightly, but everything changes when it emerges that during Preston’s ‘lost day’, a murder and robbery have taken place…

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