GUNS, GIRLS AND GADGETS Large format paperback book


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Large format paperback book

703 PAGES. WIDTH: 15cm  LENGTH: 23.5cm DEPTH: 6cm

By Michael Richardson, TV & Film Historian. Paperback Book. 703 pages.

The 1960s was a watershed era for the spy movie genre. From James Bond to Matt Helm, U.N.C.L.E. to Bulldog Drummond, Harry Palmer to Derek Flint, and many others beside, a new generation of glamorous characters with an eye for danger was dominating our cinema screens. With Dr No and From Russia With Love, Ian Fleming and Eon Productions had found a winning and successful formula and these first 007 movies inspired many other filmmakers to enter the genre and present many different rivals, imitators and spoofs of the masterspy James Bond. Written by TV and movie historian Michael Richardson, Guns, Girls, and Gadgets is an indispensable guide to 50 productions which assisted in forming the 60s movie spy craze. Through fifty chapters, the book covers the genre through films, featuring: DR NO; FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE; HOT ENOUGH FOR JUNE; TO TRAP A SPY; GOLDFINGER; CARRY ON SPYING; MASQUERADE; THE SPY WITH MY FACE; THE IPCRESS FILE; THE INTELLIGENCE MEN; WHERE THE SPIES ARE; THE SPY WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD; THUNDERBALL; OUR MAN FLINT; THE LIQUIDATOR; ARABESQUE; A MAN COULD GET KILLED; THE SILENCERS; MODESTY BLAISE; ONE SPY TOO MANY; ONE OF OUR SPIES IS MISSING; THE DEADLY AFFAIR; FUNERAL IN BERLIN; THE DOUBLE MAN; THE VENETIAN AFFAIR; THE QUILLER MEMORANDUM; DEADLIER THAN THE MALE; THE SPY WITH A COLD NOSE; IN LIKE FLINT; THE MILLION EYES OF SUMARU; YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE; MURDERERS’ ROW; THE NAKED RUNNER; THE SPY IN THE GREEN HAT; OPERATION KID BROTHER; ASSIGNMENT K; BILLION DOLLAR BRAIN; THE KARATE KILLERS; A DANDY IN ASPIC; DANGER ROUTE; THE AMBUSHERS; ICE STATION ZEBRA; THE HELICOPTER SPIES; HAMMERHEAD; HOW TO STEAL THE WORLD; OTLEY; SOME GIRLS DO; THE WRECKING CREW; THE CHAIRMAN; ON HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE.


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